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Based in Canada with global impact, Women’s Studies Online is a platform for decolonizing feminist¹ research, education, action, and community building. WMSTonline is informed and inspired by the radical feminist politics that initially guided the creation of Women’s Studies programs in universities across Canada and elsewhere.

WMSTonline builds on feminist theory to help women make sense of our lives and takes action by organizing with women for our collective liberation.

We provide women with theoretical tools, practical skills, and a political network where we can further our feminist thinking, organizing, and action.

We currently offer by-donation online lectures and workshops and continue to grow. 

1. Feminism

“Feminism” means radical feminism. Radical feminism is the theory and practice that analyzes and informs the social and political movement for women’s liberation. Radical feminism “...insists that women as a social class or a social group are oppressed by men as a social group as well as individually by men who continue to benefit from that oppression and do nothing to change it; the system through which men do this has been termed patriarchy; radical feminism is women-centered and stresses both the personal as political and the need for collective action and responsibility; it is ‘power’ rather than ‘difference’ which determines the relationship between women and men. And finally, that ‘whatever we do we mean to enjoy ourselves while we do it!’” (Feminist Practice: Notes from the Tenth Year quoted in Radical Feminism: History, Politics, Action by Robyn Rowland and Renate Klein in Radically Speaking: Feminism Reclaimed)