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Workshop Wednesdays with Bec Wonders

These workshops challenge revisionist historical portrayals of second wave feminism through the lens of visual archival material from the 1970s and 1980s, with emphasis on UK examples and some from the US, Canada, India and continental Europe

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Workshop Wednesdays with Bec Wonders

We will look directly at primary sources of feminist publishing and archival efforts in order to go beyond a flattened archetype of how “second wave feminism” is characterised in opposition to the “third wave”. Instead, we will get a sense of the multifaceted strategies and issues with which feminist were grappling with during the second wave, most of which is just as relevant today. 
Each workshop entails a visual presentation of original source material and short lecture by Bec Wonders, and a follow-up discussion using the archival documents as a basis for conversation.