Feminist Theory Is Fun

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This course is being taught by Cherry Smiley

When we hear the word “theory”, we may react with hostility – what does this have to do with my life? We may feel worried that theory is too complicated and we won’t understand. Or, we might think of huge, impossible, and abstract questions with no real answers, like the video below:

Existential Crisis Cat

The good news is that theory doesn’t have to be all weird and complicated! Theory is important and can help us in our daily lives as women, and in the activism we do.

“The measure of the success of…theory is just how much sense it makes of what did not make sense before” (Frye, 1983, xii).

This course lays a theoretical foundation for all other WMST courses, for decolonizing feminist research, action, and organizing.

This course has 2 sessions to engage with. At the end of this course, you’ll have an understanding of subjectivity and its importance in decolonizing feminist research and an overview of feminist criticisms of academia; you’ll know how to cite your work and understand why citations are important; and you’ll have an understanding of decolonizing feminist research methods and methodology.

Don’t worry if you find university stuff confusing or scary and don’t worry, you don’t need to have any college or university-level education or knowledge of feminism or feminist theory to join – this course is flexible, accessible, and fun!

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