Dr. Renate Klein has an MA in Natural Sciences from the University of Zürich, a BA (Honours) in Women’s Studies from the University of California at Berkeley and a PhD in Sociology of Education from the University of London. Her thesis was on the theory and practice of Women’s Studies in an international context.
Renate is particularly proud of her BA in Women’s Studies from Berkeley as it was there that she collaborated with Women’s Studies Co-ordinator Dr. Gloria Bowles on teaching a seminar on Theories of Women’s Studies which eventually was published as the book Theories of Women’s Studies (Routledge,1983).
In 1986 she moved to Australia to investigate the experiences of women in IVF programs (having already co-edited Test-Tube Women: What Future for Motherhood? (1984) and co-founded FINRRAGE (Feminist International Network of Resistance to Reproductive and Genetic Engineering). After that she continued being a radical feminist women’s health activist and teach/research as Associate Professor in Women’s Studies at Deakin University in Melbourne until her retirement in 2006.

In 1991, she co-founded with Susan Hawthorne the ongoing independent radical feminist publishing house, Spinifex Press. Renate Klein is the (co)author/(co)editor of 16 books including Infertility: Women’s Experiences with Reproductive Medicine, RU 486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals, Radically Speaking: Feminism Reclaimed, Cyberfeminism and has chapters in Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls and Big Porn Inc.

Her latest books are Surrogacy: A Human Rights Violation (2017) and Broken Bonds: Surrogate Mothers Speak Out (co-editor, 2019). Renate is passionate about abolishing all forms of surrogacy and is a founding member of Stop Surrogacy Now and ABSA – Abolish Surrogacy (Australia). She loves working together with women organising against (medical) violence against women as well as prostitution and pornography.

FINRRAGE – Feminist International Network of Resistance to Reproductive and Genetic Engineering

Spinifex Press

Stop Surrogacy Now

ABSA – Abolish Surrogacy (Australia)