Women’s studies has been replaced by gender studies in universities across Canada and elsewhere. Postmodern, queer, and other academic theories are confusing and hard to understand. Don’t worry though, it’s not you.

Feminist women who centre women in research, education, and action and who organize as part of the women’s liberation movement need an autonomous feminist alternative to academic manstitutions and their man studies.

Based in Canada with global reach, Women’s Studies Online (WMSTonline) is a platform for decolonizing feminist research, education, action, and community-building. Through short courses, lectures, and workshops delivered in a learning community, we provide women with theoretical tools, practical skills, and a feminist social and political network where we can further our thinking, organizing, and action.

Inspired by previous feminist theorizing and action, we build confidence in ourselves, each other, and in the women’s liberation movement today as we work toward a better future for all women and girls through:

WMSTonline builds on feminist theory to help women make sense of their individual lives and to better understand the impacts of patriarchy on women and girls as an oppressed class. We do feminist research and we educate ourselves, each other, academic institutions, governments, non-profit organizations, and the general public about feminism and feminist issues.

We need to turn theory into action so we can begin to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of all women and girls. WMSTonline offers practical and organizing skills that women can use to improve relationships in their personal and professional lives and in their advocacy and activism.

We need a supportive environment to learn and make mistakes in and to practice feminist theory, action, and organizing. WMSTonline provides a political network for women to encourage, support, and challenge each other and organize together for greater impact.

We recognize the very real short and long-term impacts of patriarchy on the lives of women and girls as an oppressed class of people. To help remedy these systemic impacts, WMSTonline is for women who have survived and who are surviving male violence, the threat of male violence, and all other forms of sex-based discrimination and oppression. 

All women are entitled to learn about, consider, and build feminist theory; think critically; ask questions; learn about issues that impact us; and take action with women for our collective liberation. Theory needs to make sense and apply to our lives. Otherwise, what’s the point?


An inspirational research, education, and action-oriented feminist community that centres women and acknowledges the value of past feminist theorizing, strategizing, organizing, and action.

Short term: A physical centre to house Women’s Studies Online, in addition to our online space, where feminist women can work openly toward women’s liberation.

Long term: Nothing less than the end of patriarchy and its accompanying oppressions, the liberation of all women and girls, and the creation of a feminist world.


To research, educate, and build upon the initial revolutionary potential of Women’s Studies by providing women with theoretical tools, practical skills, and a social and political network that can be used in our struggle for women’s liberation.

To ensure that Indigenous and women of colour, poor women, disabled women, lesbian women, and other women facing intersectional oppression can learn, teach, research, and take action in a feminist environment.

To engage in ongoing research on and action against male violence against women and girls in Canada with a particular focus on Indigenous women and girls.

Inspired by previous feminist theorizing and action, we build confidence in ourselves, each other, and in the women’s liberation movement today as we work toward a better future for all women and girls


The oppression of women by race, class, and sexuality is just as important as women’s sex-based oppression.

Feminism means radical feminism and radical means root.

Education takes many forms.

Making art is an important process and tool for feminist organizing.

Feminist theory, organizing, strategizing, and action is learned.

Consciousness-raising is an essential tool to further women’s liberation.

The material conditions of women’s lives inform feminist theory.

Feminist theory informs our political actions.

Women’s Studies grew out of the women’s liberation movement.

Women’s Studies has a responsibility to further feminist theory and action and is accountable to the women’s liberation movement.

Women’s studies is for all women and girls, not just for students in universities.

Women’s Studies Online is for women who are surviving patriarchy, racism, capitalism, homophobia, and colonization.